We are small enough to be a family, and large enough to be current in medical support.

Our services are NEED-driven. We ask "What do you NEED?" We will tell you, with honesty, if we can meet your needs.
Be part of our team. We are always looking for dedicated caregivers. We deserve the best, and so do you.

Elternhaus, Inc.
Assisted Living
Diane Crane, BSN

Owner/ President
4201 Linthicum Road
Dayton, Maryland 21036
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Main: (443) 535-8881
Owner: (410) 707-7071
Medical Manager: (443) 864-1141
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Welcome to Elternhaus, Inc. Assisted Living

Come and visit us!  Request a scheduled tour to see for yourself.  Please send us a message.

 Until your visit, the following is a brief summary:

Elternhaus Inc, Assisted Living is a 23-bed family-like home, divided into 4 zones of 5-8 residents each, with their own unchanging care-givers.  We practice the philosophy of kind, patient, and knowledgeable service.  You may speak to us, if we violate this mission!  We know that our residents are physical, spiritual, social and emotional beings.

Most of our rooms are privates of moderate size, with their own vanities and toilets.  Showers and whirlpools are available for assisted bathing. TV's can be hooked up to Verizon FIOS in each room, but most people enjoy watching with friends in the living rooms.  We encourage our residents to be out in the common use areas, except when they desire privacy, are napping, or are sleeping through the monitored nights.   We have staff awake and making rounds all night.

OUR MISSION      ( It is "old-fashioned" but simple and sincere )   

The Elternhaus is dedicated to God, for the eternal happiness of its residents and staff. 



The Elternhaus seeks to provide an affordable, adaptable, non-prejudiced, and up-to-the-minute service to our seniors in a home-like environment.  We seek to honor all county, state, and federal regulations under our various licenses, and to cooperate with all inspecting officials to constantly improve our service. We also strive to compensate for our residents' deficiencies so completely, that they and the observer will perceive them as happy and dignified individuals!

Our staff is composed of:

♥ Medication Technicians                    ♥ Trained, In-house Special People!
♥ Activity Leaders                               ♥ Registered Nurses
♥ CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants   ♥ Cooks
♥ Grounds/ Maintenance Assistants      ♥ Companions
♥ Office and Purchasing Personnel

 PS:  Our photos are of Elternhaus, and the pictures are of actual residents past and present, used with permission.