Elternhaus, Inc.
Assisted Living
Diane Crane, BSN

Owner/ President
4201 Linthicum Road
Dayton, Maryland 21036
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Main: (443) 535-8881
Owner: (410) 707-7071
Medical Manager: (443) 864-1141
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We have a full list of activities to develop both the cognitive and the physical aspects of each person. We want residents to enjoy their lives every single day. Every person is different, and we try to minister to the needs of each person, be they social or reclusive.  Each week, we try to involve every single one in something they can understand and enjoy!  We welcome nearby relatives and friends to come and volunteer to help us meet these needs.  We also encourage every resident to interact with others to increase their social skills.  For this reason, we do not serve trays at mealtimes in people's rooms, unless they are sick.  We encourage residentsw to go to the Day Rooms to be with others.  Our meals last for an hour and are social occasions.

Our well-designed activities include:

♥  Exercise classes, specialized for each resident
♥  January Snow Day specials                   
♥  February Valentines Day Spaghetti Supper out
♥  March St. Patrick's Day, Irish sing-along and green supper
♥  April Easter videos and programs
♥  May Porch socials
♥  June Mother's Day Picnic in the atrium or on the grounds
♥  Father's Day recognition with cherry pies 
♥  June or September Trip to Ocean City Beaches
♥  Birthday desserts of their choice
♥  Trips to the County Fair 
♥  Rides to see Cherry blossoms, and later azaleas
♥  Fourth of July program on the big TV
♥  August corn roast with summer foods
♥  September trip to local orchards
♥  October rides to see the fall colors
♥  November Thanksgiving Dinner out at Olde Country Buffet
♥  Christmas parties with The Elves and with Santa
♥  Exercise Classes
♥  Music evenings 
♥  Board Games
♥  Indoor Sports
You can privately visit with your special person and use our amenities:
♥  Swing set and chairs by the goldfish pool
♥  Walking on the paved driveways or grassy lawns
♥  Patios and Courtyards for conversations
♥  Fire pit or Bar-B-Que area
♥  Ride out 1 mile to get pizza, subs, or ice cream
♥  Columbia is 11 miles to  East, to eat out at Toby's dinner theater, or other cultural events.
Let us know how we can help you plan.    Please send us a message today.