We have a team of healthcare professionals that provides comprehensive medical care.

When you choose to stay in our residence, you will feel as comfortable as possible while being safe and cared for. We can provide you the best alternative to a nursing home. Besides, you can remain independent in an environment that optimizes dignity, privacy, and safety.

Our compassionate care consists of the following services:

  • Monitoring physical health condition
  • Ensuring healthy nutrition
  • Checking and monitoring vital signs
  • Maintaining blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Promoting a safe and comfortable environment
  • Administering medications
  • 24-hour emergency care
  • Case management by a qualified and experienced registered nurse
  • Assistance with visits to specialists and diagnosis of health issues
  • Arrangements for podiatry, mobile x-ray, wound care, etc. (no ventilators)
  • Monthly in-house clinical visit by our internal medicine physician
  • Monthly medication review, bubble-pack tamper-proof cards
  • Semi-annual or more frequent revision of resident care plan
  • Direct and prompt communication with physicians
  • Strong medical emphasis and intervention for the benefit of resident
  • Arrangement of physical/occupational therapy, other special needs
  • “End of Life Care” at Elternhaus when dignity and comfort are of most importance
  • Social and recreational activities

Allow us to help you in attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Contact us for more information. You may also schedule a personal visit to our facility to talk to a registered nurse.