Elternhaus, Inc.
Assisted Living
Diane Crane, BSN

Owner/ President
4201 Linthicum Road
Dayton, Maryland 21036
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Main: (443) 535-8881
Owner: (410) 707-7071
Medical Manager: (443) 864-1141
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What We Do

Our services are individually tailored to meet the needs of each resident.  We constantly monitor and upgrade our plans of care to ensure high quality.  Our medical interventions are discreet, to preserve a sense of normalcy for family and resident.

Medical Services       Debbie Crane Stoia, RN, BSN, PA-C 

♥  Life-long Care - Your best Alternative to a Nursing Home, and we can usually meet your needs

Individualized Daily Care for Levels 1 through 3

♥  Physical Assistance for a FULL HEALTH WORK-UP on admission with your docs and ours
♥  Two REGISTERED NURSES, alternating on-call 24/7
CASE MANAGEMENT by qualified, experienced Physician's Assistant
ASSISTANCE with visits to Specialists and Diagnosis of health issues
ARRANGEMENTS for podiatry, beautician, mobile X-ray, IV therapy, wound care etc. (No ventilators)
MONTHLY IN-HOUSE clinical visit by our internal medicine physician
MONTHLY MEDICATION REVIEW, discontinuance or re-order in bubble-pack tamper-proof cards
MONTHLY REVIEW and up-dates to residents demographic face sheets for emergency, hospital use
Semi-annual or more FREQUENT REVISION of resident care plan
DIRECT AND PROMPT communication with Physicians 
STRONG MEDICAL EMPHASIS and intervention for the benefit of resident
MEDIATION between resident and family when requested
FAMILY CONFERENCES  to plan care and to meet perceived needs
Arrangement of PHYSICAL/ OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, other special needs
"End of Life Care" at Elternhaus when dignity and comfort are of most importance


Dietary Services

Three home-cooked meals a day
♥  Well planned and prepared meals to meet long-term nutritional needs of seniors
Attention to special diets such as diabetic, renal, cardiac, malnutrition, or obesity
Hydration breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon
Bedtime snacks, if needed
Owners and Staff eat with residents daily
Our kitchen is lacto-ovo-vegetarian, that is plant-based with added eggs and dairy products
We pay attention to taste, in spite of the cost to us.  You will like our food!



Special Services 

Full cooking, cleaning and laundry
Evening news and game shows as a group on big TV screens
♥  Religious TV Channels (3ABN and Hope)
Assistance with Activities of Daily Living, while encouraging independence
Room decor personalized for each resident
Arrangement for transportation to church, if requested
Daily Activities such as physical exercise, games, crafts, planned and spontaneous
Seasonal -based Outings or parties
Weekly shopping and ordering of personal incontinent supplies, as needed

Contact us today! You can request a scheduled tour of our lovely home. We are look forward to seeing you soon.