Elternhaus, Inc.
Assisted Living
Diane Crane, BSN

Owner/ President
4201 Linthicum Road
Dayton, Maryland 21036
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Main: (443) 535-8881
Owner: (410) 707-7071
Medical Manager: (443) 864-1141
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Who We Are

Our Vision:

To be one of the leading residential care facilities in the state of Maryland. We envision ourselves, as a team, nurturing every resident we will have in our growing family. 

Over 20 years ago, Diane Crane, worked as a registered nurse at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville Maryland. Many of the elderly patients at Shady Grove asked her to end their lives, and she asked, "Why?" The answer they always give was, "I live alone, have nobody, and am afraid to go out of my door to buy my food!"

Diane asked her husband, Don, if he thought they could take care of these patients, and their own four parents in their elder years.  Don thought they had better try this out on a small scale, so they took a friend's mother into their home.  "Grandma" was an early-Alzheimer's dementia, and a dear lady.  Diane knew they could do it, when Don called her one evening at the hospital to give report.  "Well, our helper has cooked supper, Grandma and I have eaten, I've got her into her pajamas, had prayer, tucked her in bed, and she's sleeping." Grandma was with them for 5 happy years.

After selling their four-level home, they discovered that no house for sale had enough bedrooms on one level, so Diane drew plans for a U-shaped house.  They found 3 acres in beautiful Howard County, but the cost was very high!.  (That was 22 years ago!)  Turning away, they were surprised to hear the seller say, "Well, I have made so much money this year, if you will just give me $20,000. you can pay the rest over time!"  The bank loaned them enough money to pay off the acreage the next year and to construct the house. 

Another problem was getting water on the lot.  A "water witch" had been over it and "couldn't find a single drop!"  But Don put down a stake and the next week, the well drillers came.  Day after day passed and they found no water.  Neighbors had only 1 to 1 1/2 gallons a minute.  You can bet prayers went up!  Finally at 250 feet there was water!  23 gallons a minute!  "Keep this a secret,"  Don said, "Or our neighbors will be jealous!"  The original seller of the land came over one day, and he said "I saw where you had staked out for the well.  I thought it was not a good spot, so I took the liberty of moving your well stake 10 feet toward the line".  Years later when an addition was put onto the house, if the stake had not been moved,there would not have been enough room! 

Don was overseas a lot, but Diane carried on, serving as general contractor.  She, Grandma and 2 other senior ladies spent many happy days on the site, supervising the framing. So, they built and altered the home in the country, making it more and more resident-friendly, each room with its own vanity and toilet, so that each resident could have the privacy and respect they deserve. As part of their compassionate philosophy, Mr. and Mrs. Crane hired and trained a caring staff so that their residents could live in a friendly, warm, and sincerely-caring, home-like environment.

Eight years ago, our daughter Debbie and her family moved over from Ohio.  They made their home 1 1/2 miles from us.  Debbie, as the Delegating Registered Nurse and Physician Assistant, works with us on Mondays thru Fridays, when their triplets are in school, as our medical director.  Her husband, Joel, works as PA in the emergency rooms of our surrounding hospitals.  Now, we have 23 rooms for residents, plus some for ourselves and staff.  Our plumber said, "Now don't call me to put a single more toilet into this house!"  We will not be adding any more!

We are willing to share our wonderful experiences and humble beginnings with you.  If you want to know more about our history and what we are made of, please send us a message today so that we can share other details with you.